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PrepCode, an esteemed industrial training institute in Lucknow, offers an essential industrial training program, conducted at its cutting-edge industrial training centre . This program ensures students receive a comprehensive learning experience in industrial training. Through hands-on training using the latest tools and technologies, students gain practical experience essential for staying ahead in the ever-evolving tech industry. Additionally, students benefit from valuable networking opportunities, connecting with industry professionals and gaining insights into industry trends. Upon successful completion, students receive a prestigious certificate, validating their skills and expertise, providing a competitive edge in the job market. Join PrepCode's industrial training in Lucknow to gain practical experience, valuable industry insights, networking opportunities, and a certificate that kickstarts a rewarding tech career.


To be eligible for the industrial training program at PrepCode, candidates should possess a fundamental understanding of relevant tools, technologies, or programming languages related to their chosen project. This prerequisite ensures that they have a solid foundation to build upon during their training at the best summer training institute in Lucknow. While prior experience is not mandatory, candidates must have basic knowledge of the project they will be working on. By possessing a basic understanding of the project, candidates can effectively apply their knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios, thereby enhancing their learning outcomes throughout the industrial training program.


To apply for PrepCode's industrial training program, candidates are invited to visit our office directly. Please come to our office location mentioned below to submit your application and receive further assistance from our team. Don't miss this opportunity to kickstart your tech career with PrepCode's industrial training program. We eagerly await your visit to our office, where you can explore the range of industrial training institute courses offered by PrepCode.


Embark on an immersive learning journey with PrepCode's Industrial Training Program at our renowned industrial training centre in Lucknow. As a trainee, you will have the exciting opportunity to choose a live project of your interest and gain valuable real-world experience. Completing the project within the specified timeframe also makes you eligible for a stipend. Moreover, our program awards a coveted certification upon successful completion, validating your skills and expertise. But that's not all! We also provide internship opportunities with renowned companies, further enhancing your practical knowledge and kickstarting your career. Join us now at our esteemed industrial training institute and unlock a world of possibilities for a successful future in the tech industry.


The duration of the industrial training with certificate in lucknow at PrepCode varies depending on the project selected. Each project has its unique timeline, tailored to ensure comprehensive learning and practical experience. The duration could range from a few weeks to a few months, allowing trainees to delve deep into their chosen project and gain valuable insights. This flexible approach ensures that trainees have ample time to master the skills, complete the project successfully, and acquire the necessary expertise for a rewarding career in the tech industry.


At the conclusion of the industrial training program, trainees are required to submit their completed projects. The project submission serves as a demonstration of the trainee's acquired skills and practical application of their knowledge. It showcases their ability to solve real-world challenges and provides an opportunity to showcase their accomplishments. Our team reviews and evaluates the submitted projects, acknowledging the trainees' efforts and dedication. Successful project submission is a significant milestone, marking the completion of the program and paving the way for further career opportunities.


Upon successful project submission and completion of the industrial training program at PrepCode, trainees are awarded a prestigious industrial training certificate. This certificate serves as a testament to their acquired skills, expertise, and practical experience gained during the program. With an industrial training certificate from PrepCode, trainees gain a competitive edge and solidify their position as qualified professionals in the ever-evolving tech industry. Join our industrial training program in Lucknow and earn an esteemed industrial training certificate that sets you apart in the job market.

Certificate provided after successful completion of Industrial Training and Live Project

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I got enrolled in this digital marketing course in Lucknow and it has been a game-changer. Expert instructors and a hands-on approach have unlocked boundless opportunities in the digital marketing realm. Highly recommended as the best course in Lucknow!

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This app development course has been exceptional! With reliable content, expert instructors, and a hands-on approach, I gained the skills to create impressive mobile applications. Highly recommended!

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Enrolling in this web development course by Prepcode has truly been a life-changing experience. The instructors are industry experts, and the learning resources are extensive. It's the best web development course you can find in Lucknow. Highly recommended!

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